What Is TwiChat and TWCC Token

TwiChat is a decentralized location-based social messaging platform, combining location-based messaging,  innovative in-app reward mechanism, with ERC-20 TWCC Token as the underlying cryptocurrency for this dApp ecosystem.   TWCC Token is the TwiChat Platform Token, with 10 billion in total supply.  As its name suggests, TWCC Token is easy to use and built for the masses.  TWCC App  allows qualified users to be able to connect and socialize based on common locations,  and be able to communicate, share and transact with TWCC Token.   No airdrop. No internal holdup. Let’s build TSC community from ground zero and enjoy its growth and profit just like Shiba coin together!

TWCC Reward Points
Your TwiChat UserID

Limited offer

To ensure a fair and transparent environment conducive to value growth rather than manipulation , the presale was capped with first 100 buyers, who can pay $3000 USD, or 1 ETH, which is exchangeable to 15 Million TWCC tokens at any time prior to TWCC Token’s listing on a major public crypto exchange.
Crypto wallet address:

To purchase TWCC tokens  with 1 ETH:

  1.  Transfer exactly 1 ETH from your crypto wallet address to TrendScape wallet address shown below.
  2.  The amount of TWCC tokens based on $0.0002 will be transferred to your wallet address.

Trendscape Wallet Address


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what can you do to help the Trendscape

Missed Dogecoin? Missed Shiba Inu Coins? Don’t miss Trendscape Coins again!

If you are a social influencer, you can help by spreading the word about TrendScape to your followers and fans on your social platforms.

If you are a listing agent on a crypto exchange, you can earn TrendScape as ward for listing TrendScape on your exchange, or invite us to participate as a listing candidate in community contest.

If you are an eCommerce provider, you can earn TrendScape as reward by trading TrendScape, or by becoming a liquidity provider on UniSwap.

Decentralized social dApps as decentralized alternative solutions to Twitter, YouTube, GoFundMe, Kickstart, Shopify and eDex.

Purchase your TSC Tokens at https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap?theme=dark&inputCurrency=ETH&outputCurrency=0x8fe9c0fe7bd6a68ee0d626d0d7d040331da61461&exactAmount=50000000000&exactField=output

Trendscape offers blockchain-based social features as a decentralized asalternative solution to Twitter, YouTube, GoFundMe, etc. TSC tokens are redeemable as tip, discount coupon, membership payment and then TSC can be traded at decentralized exchange UniSwap

Welcome to use Trendsacape Bookmarklet http://www.facebook.com/notes/trendscape/welcome-to-use-trendsacape-bookmarklet/185039241541222

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