White Paper

TwiChat – Decentralized Location-based Social (D.S.L) Messaging Platform


TwiChat.net is a decentralized location-based social messaging platform, combining location-based messaging, innovative in-app reward mechanism, with ERC-20 TWCC Token as the underlying cryptocurrency for this dApp ecosystem. TWCC Token is the TwiChat Platform Token, with 10 billion in total supply. As its name suggests, TWCC Token is easy to use and built for the masses. . TWCC App allows qualified users to be able to connect and socialize based on common locations, and be able to communicate, share and transact with TWCC Token. TWCC Token is a deflationary token that operates on the Ethereum Blockchain, one that rewards holders and penalizes sellers, which is designed to stabilize price movements. TwiChat.net is an empirical community-based project for implementing a novel D.S.L. messaging platform, combining DeFi, Social and Location. TwiChat App brings together tens of millions of mobile users through the mobile app, and only needs to sign in once a day to collaborate with team members thru chat groups, to mine based on common locations. In addition to devoting the attention of daily sign-in to forming a real TwiChat tweet miner community, miner users can interact through team chat rooms and exchange reward tokens to obtain or contribute their own services or products. Through an engaging and relevant user interface experience, TwiChat users organically grow a community together and enjoy community value-added, the earlier you join, the more team members, the higher the reward rate, which can finally be redeemed through decentralized exchanges.

The TWCC community will be involved in the development of the project, each member will be able to participate in discussion, submit feedback, and contribute to the growth of the platform. The primary mission is to create an innovative decentralized location-based messaging platform, engaging users with interesting game-like features, allowing teams to collaborate and earn together, exchange TWCC reward points with TWCC tokens, and trade on UniSwap or other public crypto exchanges.


To ensure a fair and transparent environment conducive to value growth rather than manipulation , the presale was capped with first 100 buyers, who can pay $3000 USD, or 1 ETH, which is exchangeable to 15 Million TWCC tokens at any time prior to TWCC Token’s listing on a major public crypto exchange. Thanks to this plan we avoided having whales (at least at the very beginning) that can dump on token supporters if/when the price rises. TWCC Token has a total supply of 10 billion. The initial presale price is $0.0002 per token, which means the initial market cap of TWCC Token is valued at $2M. Public users can acquire TWCC tokens from our UniSwap ETH/TWCC pool based on current market price.

Token Economics

We have built a token that will reward you for holding it, without having to manually stake it.

Just sit back, relax, and watch your TWCC tokens automatically increase!

TWCC Token flow path can be summarized as followed:

• 5% of proceeds from TwiChat premium services will be used to buyback TWCC tokens from UniSwap

❏ 2.5% will be used to reward existing TWCC token holders upon TWCC token’s listing on public crypto exchange

❏ 2.5% will be burned permanently, thus decreasing the total supply of TWCC Token, increasing scarcity over time.

• 5% service fee from TWCC mobile app by TWCC Token as payment will be used to buy back TWCC tokens from Uniswap.

❏ 2.5% will be used to reward existing TWCC Token holders upon TWCC Token’s listing on public crypto exchange

❏ 2.5% will be burned permanently, thus decreasing the total supply of TWCC Token, increasing scarcity over time.

TWCC Token burn policy on all TWCC Token transactions is put in place in order to reinforce the token value by keeping it deflationary, and thus preserving benefit and maximizing return for existing TWCC Token holders.

Roadmap & Deployment Plan

Phase 1 (Q2 2021) : TWCC Issuance and Platform Architecture:

To become a member of the TWCC Community, a user needs to own TWCC tokens. As TWCC token price is extremely low and by first-in first-get policy, it is a great one-time opportunity.

As a social influencer, the user can help by spreading the word about TWCC to their followers and fans on their respective social platforms.

Through the decentralized exchange UniSwap, the platform token TWCC are issued, with a total supply of 10 billion pieces, and the target project asset is $2 million. Pre-sale 30% to early investors for project development costs, at a price of $300,000 (25% discount).

Completed TwiChat platform architecture and UX.

Phase 2 (Q4 2021) : TwiChat dApp Development:

Complete TwiChat tweet App code development, support free team collaboration mining, launch Apple App Store, Google App Store and Android App download.

Completed the design of the TwiChat Twitter website, supporting App download and platform token trading.

Phase 3 (Q2 2022) : Developments and TWCC Token as Payment:

TwiChat will open its platform to dApp developers to build eCommerce dApps using TWCC as form of payment, to help further grow and expand the TWCCoints ecosystem. There will be a 15% service fee on each dApp transaction; one third of which goes to dApp developers, one third goes to all TWCC Token holders as passive reward, and one third will be burned to increase TWCC Token value by deflation.

Future Plans

There will be a NFT marketplace for location-based NFT genies as main POIs, built as well as a platform where artists and creators can charge a monthly/yearly fee in TWCC or private content. This gives all creators an opportunity to generate an additional income stream instead of relying on the app platform alone.

Paying for custom premium content in crypto provides both buyers and creators with anonymity, something that other popular platforms fail to provide. Additionally, crypto does not have as many handling fees as fiat, therefore we are able to charge a more competitive rate, providing creators with a greater income.

Our NFT Marketplace fee structure is as follows: 85% to the Creator, 2.5% split amongst all existing TWCC Token holders, 2.5% will be permanently burned to keep token deflationary.

We are serious about preventing any illegitimate content onto the platform – there are robust KYC checks to ensure all postings are respectful and compliant within our guidelines. Additionally, we will manually check each piece of content to ensure it is fit for posting.


We aim to be pioneers in combining DeFi, Social, and Location, into a decentralized messaging platform. This is a challenging endeavor but also a great opportunity to lead the field in this new market to demonstrate how DeFi, Social, and Location can coexist and function efficiently and productively in a hybrid ecosystem.